What are penis toys? Types and usage of penis stimulating sex toys like penis vibrator and masturbator sex toys.

What are penis toys?

What are penis toys?

There are many types of men sex toys.Penis toys are used to stimulate Penis.Males may enjoy as sexual encounter for long duration by using ejaculation male sex toy.Penis toys looks very sensual and stimulating in appearance. Females may get excited and after seeing penis toys. Many toys came in penis toys as realistic vagina, male masturbator, sexy doll and cock ring etc.These toys are used by male to enjoy their sexual life. All sex toys have different uses such as the realistic vagina which is similar to female's organs. In which there are vagina or boobs, it is made by plastic or fabric which has to be filled air and the artificial vagina in which male may enter penis for masturbation. Toys are play with penis and it works to stimulates genitals. Not only artificial vagina but fleshlight is also working same way.

What are different types of penis toys?

What are different types of penis toys?

Many types of penis toys are here which are used as massager, orgasm sex toys, for penetration, foreplay sex toys, and masturbation.

Realistic vagina

Realistic vagina is such a nice way for feel real thing. If you want to do solo insertion so realistic vaginamay provide you sex pleasure.It is made by plastic or fabric which has to fill the air. Realistic vagina may fulfil your sensual emotion and fit mayaccording to your needs. You may use it according to your stamina, and also use it several times. Together you may want and double fun or pleasure during use realistic vagina.

Penis sleeves

It is used as a penis cover. On wearing it, there is tremble in penis, which makes Penis larger. As well as using it during intercourse, your partner and you will get good experience. Emerge parts there are in it, give more sensation and excitement. It became in many types of designs and shapes such as G-spot penis extensions, vibrating penis sleeves etc.

Prostate massager

Without this, it is impossible to reach p-spot portion. But Prostate massager is specially designed for p-spot portion. It provides extra-large sensation and stimulus when prostate massager touched with p-spot. It enhances of erogenous. It became vibrator whereby prostate may stimulate by vibration.

Fleshlight masturbator

Fleshlight is a sex toy made in vagina's shape vibrate masturbator, which gives pleasure asmasturbation. But it has to move with hands after putting a penis inside fleshlight. It mayuse by males when they feel alone, and it offers real experience as sexual encounter.

How to use penis stimulating sex toys?

How to use penis stimulating sex toys?

Each sex toys works different and create different stimulation such as some penis toys enhances your sexual arousal and some are enlarge your sexual experience.Accordingly masturbation is nice way for stimulation by his own hands. But if you want to more stimulation and get as orgasm so you may try sex toys. If you try first time so you may try rubber based penis pump. Firstly sets lubricant around the pump. While this will be easily insert in cylinder and do not feel any problem while insertion. But before use you should take know about penis pump and use it in your treating physician. Penis insert inside of cylinder gradually and after some time you press pump button for more sensation and stimulation. Just like that you may use cock ring with the help of penis pump. But after using these sex toys you must wash with water of each parts of sex toys. Whether you are use sex doll,fleshlight,hand job masturbation,male masturbator and prostate massager so wash is necessary if you share with their partner.

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