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What is masturbation? Do you use sex toys?

What is masturbation? Do you use sex toys

Masturbation is the method in which men or women stimulate their own genital area to achieve the sexual pleasure and arousal. Men or women do the masturbation by touching, stroking or massaging their own genital area.

The male can stimulate their own penis until an orgasm is occur where as women can stimulate their clitoris or vagina to achieve the orgasm. To stimulate the penis male can hold their penis and move their hand up and down. First men can move their hand slowly and then increase the speed, which help them to get orgasm.

The female partner can rub their vulva, clitoris for stimulation. To rub the clitoris or vulva, women can use their index or middle finger. Women can also insert their own finger into the vagina to stimulate the G spot. Women can also caress their breast and nipple while doing the masturbation. It help women to achieve the orgasm.

Sometimes men or women also use different types of sex toys during masturbation. The sex toys which couple use are dildo, vibrator, anal toys etc. These sex toys help people to reach the climax. While doing the masturbation people can also use different types of personal lubricant. And male sex toys have plenty of masturbation toys. It is a vibrator that stimulates the prostate exclusively for men, and fleshlight, TENGA, and so on are famous brands called male masturbator.

Is not it good to use sex toys? Merit and demerit ?

Is not it good to use sex toys? Merit and demerit

There are various merit and demerit of using the sex toys during masturbation. First we will discuss about the merit of using sex toys:

  • Using the sex toys during masturbation men and women can easily know that which part of the body are most sensitive, which help people to feel more comfortable when they are engaged with their partner during the sexual activity.
  • With the help of sex toys men or women can easily reach the orgasm.
  • With the help of sex toys men or women can easily satisfy their sexual need when they are alone. If people use the vibrating sex toys then it provides the unique sensation and pleasure feeling during masturbation or sex with the partner.

Now we will discuss about the demerit of the sex toys:

  • As you know that most of the sex toys are reusable. So if people does not clean the sex toys properly then it may cause the infections.
  • If people share their sex toys with other people or even with their partner then there is possibility that STDs infection will occurs.
  • Some of the sex toys contain the toxins material which is not safe for body.

Side effects of masturbation

Side effects of masturbation

As you know that there are many advantage of doing the masturbation. But if men or women regularly involve in the masturbation then it cause many side effects. The side effect of masturbation are :

  • If men regular do the masturbation then its penis can get weak when he insert it into the female body.
  • If female do the masturbation regularly then there is possibility that she can get infected.
  • Masturbation reduce the hormone in charge of delivering sperm.
  • Masturbation also reduce the period of ejaculation in male partner.
  • In women masturbation make the womb weaker, so that women's womb unable to carry a child which cause the abortion and miscarriages.
  • Masturbation also cause the sperm disability.
  • If women involve in masturbation regularly then in some case it cause the infertility and also cause cancer.

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