Choose Condom with sex toy. Use Condoms on Sex Toys for safer sex.Types and guide to use condoms with sex toys

How to choose condom?

How to choose condom?

There are different of verity available in condoms so you have to know that how to choose a perfect condom for you. So the first of all you know that is the size of your penis and then choose according to your penis size. You can buy the condoms from the pharmacy store is nearby you or online stores. Secondly think and learn about what kind of condom material is good for your partner. Next thing is pick a textured condom which gives extra stimulation to you and your partner.

There is different kind of textured condoms available in market such as- plain, ribbed, dotted and anatomic. So choose according to your capacity, size and pleasure. You can also buy the lubricated condoms for more comfortable feeling. If you buy separate lubricant for the condoms then you don’t need to buy lubricated condom. You can also purchase the flavored condoms for extra fun. You can buy female condom as an alternative to male condoms.

Types of condoms?

Types of condoms?

There are different kinds of condoms are available in market and the online stores. Such as-

Thin condoms

You can buy thin condoms from market and online stores. It is safe in use. It comes with thin and ultra- thin range.

Flavored condoms

Some of condoms are comes with flavors and aroma. So you can choose it for extra fun in your sex life. The flavors may be contained in the condoms are coated on the condoms. You will find different kinds of flavors like mint, orange, bubblegum, chocolate, vanilla and many other tangy flavors. Sometimes they are colored with match flavors. So you can choose any of your choice.

Textured condom

You can find many kind of textured condom such as – Plain, ribbed, dotted and anatomic textured condom. Some people want their condoms to feel like they are not even there. You can feel the texture inside the condom and outside your partner can feel the same texture.

How to use condom with sex toys?

How to use condom with sex toys?

Firstly you have to just clean the sex toy and clean yourself because hygiene is the most important thing to prevent the effects of infection and itching. Then lubricate yourself and lubricate your sex toy. If you use lubricated condom then it’s not necessary to use a lubricant.

You can add some kinds of things to enhance your mood. You can play music, watch romantic movies before doing sex activities. Then you can apply condom on the sex toy, you can use any kind of sex toys such as male masturbator penis sex toy, if you are penetrate or masturbation with sex dolls or fleshlight and many other orgasm sex toy, masturbator. And if you want then you can also use with all penis sucker toys. So in this way you can use condoms with sex toys. You should remember that do not use oil based lubricant with latex condoms because it breaks the latex condom during penetration and silicon lubricant with any kind of silicone sex toy it destroys the surface of the men sex toy. If sex toys is made with silicone material then you can use any other lubricant with them like water based and natural lubricant. If you want more excitement in your masturbation then you can use textured condoms with that.

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